Car Survey

Final Project Assignment

The Nurburgring, one of the world's most famous race tracks.
The Nurburgring, a famous race track in Germany.

Here is the Survey Page. Below is a series of four questions in which you can give me feedback on my website. There are three checkbox/radio button questions, as well as last text box in which you can give me extra comments or suggestions, if any of the categories above didn't cover a category you wanted to cover.

1. On a scale from 1 to 10, how well is my website organized?

2. What best describes your interest in cars?

Little to minimal knowledge about cars
Average knowledge, name basic brands
Interested, know a bit more than average person
Extremely interested, know much more than average person

3. What about my website could be improved? Check all that apply.

Organziation of Information
Style of website (i.e., colors, fonts, borders)
Readability and Accessibility
Images and Image Quality
Quality and Detail of Content

Are there any specific comments you'd like to add?

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