Jeremiah's Company Staff Page

Staff Page Assignment

Anna Oswald Patricia Mark

This is our first staff member, Anna (left). Anna has been with the company for about 30 years now. She is the wife of the original owner of the company. For about 20 years, she had taken her husband's job of overseeing all branches of the company, but for the past 10 years, she has taken the position of Chief Financial Officer. She manages the branch's expenses, profits, and marketing to bring as much profit as possible. She will be retiring by the end of next year, but she will still be around to train the new CFO and occasionally help around.

Next up is Oswald (right). Oswald is our Marketing Department Chair. He oversees all of Marketing, from advertisements to public appeal. He has quite a hefty job, one comparable to Anna's. He has been with the company for about 11 years now. He started as a regular office worker, but once his talents for organization and knowing what people want were recognized around 5 years ago, he was instantly promoted to his position now. Currently, some of his projects include approving new billboard designs, as well as finding trends that will help make products more profitable.

Next is Patricia (left). She is the manager of the General Department. She approves everything that comes out of her
specific department, from charts and drawings to even what type of printer paper is used. Her signature or stamp is seen
on most forms and documents used for the company, indicating its legality. Company picnics, spirit days, you name it,
she's the one to go to. She has worked with the company for only 4 years now. She hopes to gain more experience
(and hopefully a promotion) from her position.

Last, but definitely not least is Mark(right). Mark is our Sales Department Chair. He collaborates frequently with Oswald
and Anna for sales. They are definitely quite the trio! He has been an employee for about 13 years now, and has been in
his position for 6 of them. He's very good at his job, receiving praise from all over the building-occasionally from other
branches! Like Oswald, he began as an intern, then a regular office employee. Once he was "discovered," his potential
took off!