Jeremiah's Company Staff

Staff Page Assignment

Meet our staff members! They're pretty cool employees, so we made an entire page about them. Use the navigation bar on your left to learn more about them. Here's a broad summary of them. We have Steve, our comfort dog who's a Bichon. He comes often to comfort workers when they're having crises. Then there's Mark, our other comfort dog. He visits more than Steve. Olga is our Financial Officer. Henry and Oswald take care of the finer details, and they all work together to make a great company. To the left, you can click on their names once you're done reading, to see all of the projects they've worked on.

Olga's photo

Olga (left) has been part of the company for about 30 years. She is the wife of the original owner of the company, and has done her job very well. She's also the owner of both Mark and Steve. She's also very good with numbers, as her job requires her to be. She manages the company's expenses, purchases, sales, projected profits, and much, much more. She will be retiring by the end of next year, but she will still be around to train and assist the new financial officer and help with future projects.

Steve (right) is about 2 years old. Olga is his owner, and she adopted him from the local shelter early last year. He's been a great addition to the team, and whenever both him and Mark visit, the entire office is much happier. He usually visits once or twice a week, much less than Mark. His favorite employee other than Olga is probably Oswald. He likes to pet him a lot, and walks him too. He enjoys life a lot. Occasionally, he'll wander off into the street, but he always finds his way back. He's a happy dog.

Mark (left)